Must provide payment before or during the time of the lesson. Cash is prefered

Last resort venmo @Giana-LaCedra

Individual lessons 

1 hour outdoor $45

1 hour indoor $40 + cage fee $50= $90

Double lessons 

Have a friend that wants to join? 

1 hour outdoor $65 total or $30 each 

1 hour indoor $100 total or $50 each

Triple lessons

Have two friends that want to tag along? 

1 hour outdoor $75 total or $25 each

Indoor lessons not yet offered

Cancelation fee

Indoor lessons reqire 24 hours notice or cancellation fee $50. Outdoor lessons require 5 hours notice or cancellation fee $25. 

This fee is in place due to the cage cost, as well as the consideration of mine and others time for the limited amount of spots available. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding! 

Full time student athlete-

In the case that I am ever late to an indoor lesson past 15 minutes the lesson will be free of charge.