Must provide payment before or during the time of the lesson. Cash is prefered

Last resort venmo @Giana-LaCedra

Individual lessons 

1 hour outdoor $40 

1 hour indoor $40 + cage fee $50= $90 

Double lessons 

Have a friend that wants to join? 

1 hour outdoor $60 total or $30 each 

1 hour indoor $100 total or $50 each

Triple lessons

Have two friends that want to tag along? 

1 hour outdoor $75 total or $25 each

Indoor lessons not yet offered

Cancelation fee

During the fall/winter booking a cage does require a rental fee. If you do not cancel at least 2-3 hours ahead of time you are asked to pay for the cage, price $50. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

In the case that I am ever late to an indoor lesson past 15 minutes the lesson will be free.